V-PET® makes platelet therapy simple. Blood is drawn and loaded into a bag above the filter. Blood flows through the highly specialised filter under gravity. As platelets reach the filter, they are selectively retained. When the filtration is complete, a harvest solution is backflushed through the filter to recover the platelets. This harvested product is the platelet therapy, and is ready to use. It’s that simple.

V-PET - Just 4 Simple Steps

Since the patient is the donor and recipient, there are no immune reactions to the platelet concentrate.

  • Simple, point-of-use application
  • No centrifuge, power supply or outside lab processing required
  • Single-use, disposable system is cost-effective and efficient
  • Gravity filtration is gentle on platelets, creating a high quality platelet therapy rich in growth factors
  • 6 mL sample volume provides the recommended dose for most treatment regimens
  • Experienced users average 30 minutes per treatment

Using V-PET in Practice

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January 2014: New V-PET Case Study Elbow Osteoarthritis (for Veterinary Surgeons Only) from West Midland Referrals, click to download.
Alternatively visit the West Midland Referrals website here to find out more about their use of Platelet therapy and class 4 laser therapy.