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Does this sound familiar? Smaller lesions (face, nose, eyes, ears, legs and feet), especially when they have a cosmetic orientation, are often considered not important enough to spend much money on. So, will you bring up the subject in these cases?

CryoPen offers the solution. The knowledge that in your practice you have the option of an instrument that can handle this treatment extremely accurately, quickly, effectively and with no stress, will comfort you to address these imperfections to your client’s attention. Since anesthesia is not necessary with cryosurgery, not only the time involved but also the surgical risk is decreased when working with an older pet whose liver, kidney and heart may not be the best of health.


Smaller lesions on the face, nose, eyelids, ears, legs and feet are often considered not important enough for surgery under general or local anesthetic. CryoPen offers an innovative solution in these cases.

Pets can be in and out in just minutes and they emerge bright and bouncy, rather than having to be monitored for two to three hours.

There’s no cutting or bleeding. Therefore, nothing for your patient to lick or pull on. Minimizing risk of infection.


The freezing of the tissue is quick. Treatments only take seconds, with no anesthesia or pre or post-op care required. The CryoPen works with very practical disposable cartridges and emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure.

Thanks to the extreme precision there will be no collateral damage to healthy tissue. Load the device, check out the selection of applicators allowing for the treatment from a pinpoint 1mm up to a width of 20mm, point and freeze…

Cryosurgery, of course, is nothing new. It is recognized as THE reference in the dermatology clinic. However, veterinarians who have struggled with cryoliquid spills, imprecise cotton buds and laborious deliveries of hazardous liquid nitrogen will experience a different technology by using the CryoPen.


Small wart on the eyelid

Wart on the leg

Skin tag


Small wart on the eyelid

Skin Tumor

How to change a Cartridge on your CryoPen B+


Compared to the alternative, which is surgery under either general or local anesthetic, freezing the tissue is much quicker with the CryoPen. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical. The freezing penetrates 5 seconds for 1 millimeter up to a depth of 7mm in one treatment session. Pets can be in and out in just minutes and they emerge bright and bouncy, rather than having to be monitored for two to three hours after surgery and returning home groggy. There’s no cut, no bleeding and no sutures, so nothing to lick or to pull at or the risk of infection either.
Dr Alan Cochrane, DVM

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