About Us


VBS Direct Ltd was founded in 2010 by directors from both the veterinary and technology sectors with the intention of bringing new and innovative modalities and solutions to the attention of UK & Irish veterinary practices. Our best-in-breed products and services are now used and trusted across the industry by hundreds of practices. Our passionate vet and nurse led team prides itself helping practices leverage the maximum benefit from our innovative modalities.

We look for new technologies and products that will be part of the future of professional practice. The technologies and products we offer will promote a service orientation and uniqueness of offering that is the best way for professional practice to prosper in the internet age.

  • K-LASER: The global leader in Class IV laser therapy. The K-Laser Class 4 laser is up to 30 times more powerful than the previous generation of Class III lasers. The new CUBE range of lasers provides touch screen simplicity and the ability to save individual patient settings onto the device for future use. This is a transformative technology for animal health with excellent owner compliance. K-LASER provides a new modality to treat older animals for conditions such as OA. The units have an amazing Return-On-Investment and can provide a new revenue stream for the practice. To find out more click here
  • INDIBA Radiofrequency: INDIBA® Animal Health the global leading, professional choice for companion animal, equine and performance equine sectors. Monopolar radiofrequency fixed at 448 kHz, the established optimum frequency for the body, CAP/RES technology. Over 300 scientific references. To find out more click here
  • Regenerative Medicine: VBS Direct Ltd has been supplying cutting edge Regenerative Medicine products for over 10 years. VBS is proud to be offering clients the next leap forward in Regenerative Medicine from the USA - RegenVET®. This simple, unified process can quickly create high concentration therapies in any practice setting: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Protein Concentration, Stem Cell Therapy (BMC). To find out more click here
  • CryoPen - Veterinary Cryotherapy: The best cryotherapy device for smaller lesions on the face, nose, eyelids, ears, legs and feet are often considered not important enough for surgery under general or local anesthetic. CryoPen offers an innovative solution in these cases. To find out more click here
  • VBS Supplements: Our aim is to support UK veterinary surgeons with a range of proven and successful supplement products to provide safe long-term supplements to your clients at cost effective price points. To find out more click here
  • Veterinary Equipment: We continue to add new and innovative products to our product range. Including CO2 Surgical Lasers, Bovie Electrosurgical Systems and many others.