VBS JointVital Small Dog


Joint Supplement for Small Dogs and Cats

90 Sprinkle Capsules

JointVital contains a comprehensive, unparalleled blend of ingredients at optimum levels designed to help maintain joint function. It combines the best ingredients available to make the most complete formulation on the market.

Directions for Use:

Capsules can be opened and mixed with food.

Initial Quantity (First 4-6 Weeks):
Less than 4.9kg: 2 capsules per day
5kg-7.4kg: 3 capsules per day
7.5kg-10kg: 4 capsules per day

Maintenance Quantity (After 6 weeks):
After the initial period, the daily amount can be reduced by half a capsule per day for the following week. This can be reduced on a weekly basis by a further half a capsule per day until a level of half the initial amount is reached. If your dog or cats condition deteriorates during this period please contact your vet.

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