Lasers for Veterinary Use


K-Laser Cube Range

The Veterinary profession has seen rapid change in recent years. The effect of increased competition has pushed many practices into a race-to-the-bottom struggle for clients. We suggest a better strategy is to focus on building stronger relationships with clients by providing world leading innovative therapeutic services. K-LASER Therapy is a service orientated modality that fundamentally changes the way a practice operates.

  • Provides pain free, non invasive treatment rewarding for staff, and enjoyed by pets and their owners.
  • It's drug free, surgery free and most importantly has hundreds of published studies demonstrating its clinical effectiveness in both human and animal therapy.
  • It’s a nurse led modality. Vets and nurses can work in partnership on acute and chronic wound and musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Short treatment times of 2-8 minutes that fit easily into even the busiest vet clinic or hospital.
  • Nurses spend more time with clients understanding their needs and recommending relevant practice services.
  • Happy clients will market your practice for you by referring friends and family, so the virtuous circle continues...

What can K-Laser Therapy Treat?

K-LASER class IV therapy has been used by thousands of practices across the world to successfully treat a wide range of conditions and species. The touch-screen display allows the easy selection of the appropriate protocol for the condition.


Laser Therapy made Easy

Preset Protocols Ready to Go

Over many years of research the K-LASER team have developed hundreds of species & condition specific protocols each of which it automatically adjusted depending on the size, weight or skin colour of the patient. The touch screen display allows the user be simply selects the protocol and begin the treatment. In addition a user can copy and amend a preset protocol and save it for future use allowing complete flexibility.