HT Vista - Cancer Screening


HT Vista device is the first AI-driven non-invasive screening tool that allows vets & nurses to rule out cancer of dermal & subcutaneous masses in dogs. By using our unique Heat Diffusion Imaging (HDI) technology & cloud-based analysis, vets & nurses are now able to rule out cancer on-the-spot and in their own practice.

Traditionally, identifying dermal and subcutaneous masses in dogs is a time-consuming, invasive, and expensive process, involving sending biopsy results to the lab for analysis. As a result, ruling out cancer takes longer, leading to significant pet owner distress, and treatment in the case of a cancer diagnosis is unduly delayed. Not anymore.

The Technology

The underlying principle of HT Vista Heat Diffusion Imaging (HDI) technology is that benign and malignant tissues display different Heat Transfer Rates due to differences in composition, metabolism, tissue morphology, and vascular network, which affect their thermophysical properties. This innovative screening modality relies on the unique thermal signals recorded by the device, as the tissue is heated and left to cool down.

HT Vista is a proven technology tested on thousands of dogs. It’s an easy-to-use, affordable point-of-care screening tool that will increase the number of diagnosed masses. A quick, non-invasive 40-second scan provides on-the-spot cloud analysis with results within 2-3 minutes.

90% 98%
Sensitivity NPV

The high Negative Predictive Value gives confidence in ruling out cancer.

*Based on a validation study done on approximately 400 dogs in community clinics.

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Vets4Pets Milton Keynes Pickles Vet Vets4Pets Sittingbourne

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