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OsteoKine ProGen PRP


Osteokine ProGen PRP

Professional PRP ≈ 5x PLT-concentration: quick • easy • safe

  • Consumables included: simple and effective
  • Prefilled with anticoagulant
  • Immediate processing: no decanting after blood draw.
  • Constant volume
  • High platelet concentration (more than V-PET)
  • No Erythrozytes

Osteokine®ProGen facilitates the secure separation of Platelets from anti-coagulated venous whole blood. A double spin technology using the Ostekine®ProGen kit generates 4 mL of true PRP (ø 4.9 x baseline PLT count). Platelets carry Growth Factors and other cytokines that are released from their alpha granula upon activation at the site of injection.

Osteokine ProGen PRP


  • Tendinopathies
  • Muscle strains
  • Wounds
  • Osteosynthesis

Patient‘s / Owner‘s benefits

  • Better regeneration
  • Less scar tissue
  • No adverse reactions
  • Better performance
  • Improved quality of life
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