Bovie Electrosurgical System - 1250S


Bovie 1250S-V - 120 watt Electrosurgery Package

The Bovie 1250S-V, 120 watt electrosurgery generator combined with the Smoke Shark™ II smoke evacuator provides a complete and precise energy system with safe and effective smoke particle capture capabilities. Surgical smoke is a by-product of electrosurgery and can carry viruses, CO and other chemical and biological hazards.

The easy-to-use Bovie Smoke Shark II Smoke Evacuator uses a 35-hour, four-stage filter (Pre-filter, ULPA, 24oz Carbon, Post-filter), to effectively capture smoke and particles at the surgical site, down to 0.01mm with 99.99995% efficiency.

  • Leading Human and Veterinarian electrocautery equipment
  • Versatile in providing clean surgical cutting with coagulation in same surgical pen
  • Minimal collateral tissue damage to maximise healing potential
  • Autoclaved equipment for 100’s of clinical uses
  • 4 year warranty

The system includes a mobile stand with instrument tray and is ideal for the veterinary office, clinic and surgery center.


Bovie 1250S-V Electrosurgery System

  • A1250S-V Electrosurgical Generator (1)
  • ESPR2 Sterile Reusable Pencil (1)
  • 5 – Non-sterile Reusable Electrodes: ES01R blades (2), A833R needles (2), ES20R ball (1)
  • A1204P Reusable Stainless Steel Grounding Plate (1)
  • A1254C Reusable Grounding Cord (2)
  • 110 & 220 VAC Power Cords (1 ea.)*
  • User’s Guide (MC-55-237-001_r0) (1)*

Smoke Shark System

  • SE02 Smoke Shark with 35 Hour Filter and Pneumatic Footswitch (1 ea.)
  • 786T 7⁄8” (22.225mm) Tube 6’ (182.9cm) Long (1)

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