INDIBA Radiofrequency Therapy




Small Animal Device

World leading INDIBA technology integrated into a small, light device, perfectly suited for the small animal practice.

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Indiba EQUUS

Equine Device

Power, protocols and accessories specifically adapted for equine use.

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Indiba Equus

INDIBA® Animal Health is the Indiba, S.A. brand created specifically for use on animals and professionals from this sector.  Our monopolar radiofrequency CAP/RES technology is fixed at 448 kHz; this is the established optimum frequency for the body, based on more than 300 scientific references. 

Through both the molecular and therapeutic published research, we have ensured our technology is a safe and effective therapy, that contributes to the well-being and improved quality of life of the animals treated. INDIBA® Animal Health works by activating the body’s natural repair mechanisms to regenerate and rehabilitate. It does this through cellular bio-stimulation, increasing deep blood flow and providing pain relief. INDIBA is an electromagnetic current that works through a closed circuit, this enables it to reach greater depths where other therapeutic modalities cannot.

Our team is comprised of Veterinarians and specialists in Animal Physiotherapy who work together with the professionals using our technology. We provide induction training sessions for new users, as well as basic and advanced courses in the use of INDIBA® Animal Health along with constant technical support to help our clients achieve the best results for their patients.

INDIBA Animal Health is a therapeutic tool that helps in the following situations:
-    Rehabilitation and Recovery
-    Pain Management
-    Injury prevention
-    Performance
-    General well-being

Benefits from using INDIBA Animal Health:
-    Improvement of blood flow
-    Treatment of acute and chronic injuries
-    Access to deep structures and tissues
-    Proven technology
-    Compatibility with other techniques and modalities

Devices suited for all sizes.

VET905 Equine Device (Replaced by EQUUS)

A limited number of discounted VET905 devices are available for clients in the UK and Ireland on a first come first served basis.


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