K-LASER has always provided practices with an exciting modality that encourages new and existing clients into practice to experience the proven clinical success of K-LASER Therapy.

A well managed social media compaign is a key tool when launching a new service such as K-LASER therapy. Engaging videos encourage local pet owners to visit your practice from day one. K-LASER has teamed up with innovative UK veterinary social media specialist Love Local Vets to offer an excellent video based K-LASER Kickstarter promotion package.


  • Six Month K-Laser Facebook Video Marketing Campaign
  • Boosted Video Post Each Month With Your Branding
  • Exclusive 50% Discount for VBS Direct Clients
  • Engage with more potiential clients earlier

For more information click here to download to leaflet. Or alternatively visit the Love Local Vets website.

Example Video 1

Example Video 2

Example Video 3

Example Video 4

Example Video 5

Example Video 6