Vet Testimonials



“We have used the V-PET on hocks, shoulders, cruciates, elbows all good effect with or without surgery. What initially convinced me of merits of the product was treating my own dog with early onstage arthritis that was on NSAIDs for two years. One V-PET injection and my dog is healthy, more active and completely off all NSAIDs. ”
Mark Mincher-Lockett BVSc MRCVS - E. C. Straiton and Partners, Staffordshire

We’ve used 44 V-PET units since May. Initially I was using V-PET in more advanced cases of OA but now I use V-PET earlier, targeting hips, partial cruciates, elbows, shoulder instabilities and pre-emptively prior to surgery. I’ve found most owners take it up after discussion of their treatment options. V-PET is affordable and covered by insurance. It’s easy to carry out - I can have the blood collected, processed and reinjected within 20 minutes. All have done something for the dog; some may not have done quite enough and in those cases we might consider giving another injection from the leftover serum, which we freeze. The dog can be sore for a couple of days and may require NSAIDs initially. Our ortho nurse calls the owner the next day and I usually see them at 3 days and 1 month post procedure. I like the fact I’m doing something constructive rather than just hiding the pain as we aim to slow down the progression of the disease, rather than mask it with NSAIDs.’
Ian Macqueen, Orthopaedic Surgeon & Partner at Macqueen Veterinary Centre

“Very encouraged by the cases we have treated so far, all with positive results and no adverse reactions in both young and old animals. I have used V-PET in selected cases for stable early partial cruciate ligament tears with very encouraging results delaying surgery and in some cases not requiring surgery for over a year since the injection”
Bob Pettit BVM&S CertSAS MRCVS - Kingsway Vets, Skipton

“This platelet therapy [V-PET] is one of the latest treatment options, particularly in the area of tendon and ligament disorders, and has been successfully used in our clinic for years. The special thing about [V-PET] is its ability to produce platelet concentrate with little effort. [Until now] this was not possible without the lab.”
Dr. Guide Stadtbäumer, Horse Clinic, Telgte, Germany

“I offer it to all my elbow arthroscopies with an 80% uptake. I am impressed as we get improvement across all the cases treated after one injection, usually by at least 20% compared to the baseline. Also used on a ruptured gastrocnemis injury with good results, and lots of arthritic conditions. We must have done over 30 cases so far in the last few months.”
Scott Rigg BVMS CertSAS MRCVS - Bridge Vets, Aberdeen

“Treated a range of arthritic, non-responsive to NSAIDs dogs, and some young animals with soft tissue or joint injuries post surgery, I am very positive about the product and the effect it has on our referral cases. It is simple to use.”
Jon Mills MA VetMB Cert.SAS MRCVS - West Midlands Referrals, Lichfield

“We have incorporated the V-PET into our osteoarthritic clinics at the RVC. We have had some very good success stories on cases that were refractory to all other medical analgesic and disease modifying techniques.”
Dr. Pilar LaFuente DVM PhD DACVS-SA DECVS DACVSMR CCRT MRCVS - Royal Vet College

“One memorable case was a dog with a ruptured calcaneal tendon that we injected V-PET in and around the point of insertion and pins. It healed remarkably quickly with excellent return to full functionality.”
Weighbridge Referral Centre, Swansea

“I decided to treat two dogs with chronic arthritis as a last resort prior to arthrodesis. I injected them both with a slight flair initially but no real improvement. I had kept and stored the remaining PRP from each dog and re-injected 2 weeks later. The results were incredible in both dogs as they shortly improved clinically and the lameness with significantly better. I was very impressed in these chronic cases.”
Alex Li MA Cert.SAS VetMB MRCVS West Midlands Referrals, Lichfield

“The case was an older lab with medial coronoid disease that underwent bilateral elbow scope 12-14 weeks ago and did not improve much. I ruled out infection and discussed addressing secondary OA with the owner in a number of ways, including PRP. The process was easy and smooth. I collected 55ml of blood and obtained 7 ml of PRP, then injected 3.5 ml of PRP into each elbow. The owner reports the dog being already better than before V-PET (7d), with mild discomfort for 1-3 days. NSAIDs were stopped 3d ago because of GI upset and the dog is just on tramadol. Still early days but it's good to hear the dog is better already”
Dr. Rui Sul DVM MRCVS Glasgow University Veterinary School, Scotland