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"After several discussions with my vet, I chose [V-PET] treatment, which I felt was a more holistic natural approach. After the [PET] treatment, Thumper was actually walking on all four legs! I was thrilled to see how quickly he responded to the therapy. It is now about 4 weeks since the [PET] treatment and his atrophied muscles have already rebuilt themselves to almost 100% normal. It's wonderful to see Thumper so energetic and active again." - Pet Owner

"Roxy is a 7 year old Rottweiler cross German Shepherd that we rescued when she was 18 months old. Two to three years ago, I noticed a faint limp in her right shoulder when she walked at a certain speed. Although Roxy could run and canter still, it gradually got worse so I took her to see Jon at Dove Vets in Stapleford. X-rays showed advanced Osteoarthritis in both elbows and Roxy was prescribed pain medication. Roxy has always been a very active dog, she loves walks more than food, and although she was on pain relief she didn’t seem as bright to me. Roxy seemed in pain still and it was affecting her state of mind. I found out about Platelet Therapy (PRP/'V-PET') via the internet and mentioned it to Jon who kindly researched it for me, and he found West Midland Referrals offered this service and referred Roxy in November (2015). Roxy was sleepy for a day or so after the anaesthetic, but just as the consultant said, after restricting exercise for 2 weeks she’s been great since. Today, Roxy is bright eyed and back on form bossing the rest of the pack around, when out for walks she just doesn't want to come home! I have a two year old white GSD called Bolt who is very active, Roxy does a good job of keeping pace with him. Occasionally a slight limp comes back, but she’s managing well just on supplements now and is living life to the full. V-PET made a significant difference to Roxy and me, and while I know it may not last forever, at least we have the option of having V-PET again’.
Ken and Roxy (April 2016)

"I had been giving O’Malley joint supplements and NSAIDs to alleviate the pain she endured after having both anterior cruciate ligaments repaired and felt she was at her optimal comfort level. After pursuing the treatment using V-PET, she exhibited puppy-like behaviours as if her injuries and arthritis never happened!"
Mrs. Head, Midlands

"After 8 months of giving medicines, Thumper still could not put any weight on his right back leg to walk or run. His muscles had atrophied to the point of being almost non-existent. I pursuing the necessity of surgery, but was hesitant for many reasons. After several discussions with my vet, I chose V-PET, which I felt was a more holistic approach. In less than 72 hours after the treatment, Thumper was walking on all for legs!"
Ms. Stevens, Surrey