VBS Renal-PhosLess Syringe


Helps support renal function in dogs and cats

Contains: 15 ml Syringe

VBS Renal-PhosLess Syringe uses a combination of calcium salts and chitosan to bind excessive phosphate and toxins present in the gastrointestinal tract from entering the body and causing further damage to the kidney nephrons and other body tissues. Sodium bicarbonate prevents acidification and maintains normal physiological pH of the blood, urine and intracellular fluids.

Directions for Use:

Administer directly into the mouth at meal times, or mix with food. Give 1 ml of paste for each 5 kg bodyweight daily. Ensure water is available to the animal at all times.

Order Direct from VBS

Registered Vet Practices may order VBS Direct Pet Supplements direct from https://www.vetorder.co.uk. Account registration is easy and once setup you can place all your orders via this simple to use portal.