LifeWindow Monitors


The LifeWindow series is a top of the class multi-parameter veterinary specific monitor. It includes the best technologies of measurement modules in the market. Also, built with a very robust format of high impact and at the same time connectable with other devices and Internet. Works in specific environments that require the best technologies are needed (such as exotic or magnetic resonance imaging). The LifeWindow series are the best monitors on the market for both patient safety and customer satisfaction.

The LifeWindow series is the most precise and robust in the veterinary market.

  • Veterinary specific modules, unlike most of our competitors this monitor is not from the human market. (ex. Does not use neonatal parameters to measure small animals), able to work with small size animals, exotic, birds, etc. (ex, rodent’s module, ECG up to 999 BPM -maximum in the market). Also, can be used on very large animals with a minimum heart rate of 10 BPM).
  • Simple Touch Screen. Calibrated to read from Equine to Hamster or Budgie blood pressure and ECG.
  • Gold Standard Masimo Sp02 and Capnography, Suntech Blood Pressure, Oesophageal and Temp ECG tube.
  • Small, Portable and Durable for Anaesthetic, Post-surgical Monitoring and Critical Care Patients
  • Premium Measurement Modules for all parameters, Masimo in SpO2 (With perfusion index, that allows to ensure if the clamp is well placed and measures correctly and possibility of incorporating PVI -pleth variability index- to know the level of hydration of the patient) SunTech in NIBP (these technologies are not included, only in specific monitors). Able to use 2-4 IBP channels, 2 temperature channels, side/main/dual stream in capnography, etc.
  • Network ready, wireless option, optional remote viewing software (where client can view from smartphone or computer)
  • Patient Data Reports in excel and PDF (averages of procedures, ECG, etc.)
  • High impact aluminium case, most robust in the market, designed and made in USA
  • Best for exotics (rodent’s module, ECG up to 999 BPM, possibility to incorporate Nonin/Nellcor technology in SpO2 to increase the pulse range)
  • Only specific animal care multiparameter monitor working in magnetic resonance room
  • Excellent for research, up to 4 channels of IBP and calculation of cardiac output (Life Window 9) Collaboration with a large list of universities.
  • Highly Competitive against other monitors in our segment.

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