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AN ABANDONED cat on the brink of death has been given a new lease of life after wandering by chance into the only veterinary surgery in Cornwall with the space age laser treatment to save him.

Rock View Vets in Roche is the only practice in the county using K Laser — a new treatment championed by one of England's top veterinarians Dr Noel Fitzpatrick on Channel 4’s Super Vet — to help pets.

The laser uses infrared beams which help the body cells heal themselves to reduce inflammation, decreases pain and increases blood flow to affected tissues.

It is revolutionising the way vets approach medicine, pain control and healing for a range of problems including arthritis and spondylosis as well as old and new wounds.

And it has been hailed as a miracle cure for saving 16-year-old Arnie, who arrived at the surgery in Roche four months ago in bad shape, overrun with fleas and worms, crippled by arthritis, underweight and with bad teeth and skin.

K-Laser zapped away Arnie’s aches and pains and saw him bounce back to health. Veterinary surgeon, Fiona Rawlings, said Arnie could not have found himself in a better place.

“Arnie is our first abandoned cat in Cornwall to have this kind of treatment,” she said. “He has access to all this treatment. He was in a bad way when he was brought into us.”

Fiona told the Voice K Laser offered a radical drug free treatments as many steroidal and non-steroidal drugs had side effects if used long term.

She said arthritis affected around 65 per cent of all dogs over the age of 10 and up to 30 per cent of cats, explaining: “K Laser uses special lightwaves that stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

“We are the first in Cornwall to have it. It is fabulous for arthritis in pets, healing wounds and pain relief.

“It is drug free which is good as a lot of older animals are on drugs or have liver and kidney problems.”

The surgery has had the device for 12 months and treated more than 100 pets for various ailments.